Conference programme Main topics and programme of the conference

The conference took place 1 and 2 March 2016 at the conference center the "Square Brussels meeting center"

The programme is composed of one opening session, 7 themes sessions, closing session, plus the exhibition area and posters area .

The structure of the conference for 1 and 2 March 2016 will be as follows:

General programme

" ERTMS: Managing long term safety investment in a rapidly changing world "

General Programme 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference Brussels 2016

29th February 2016: Technical visit by INFRABEL , followed by the Opening Cocktail Party at The Train World Museum

1st March 2016, Venue: Square Meeting Center, Brussels

09:00/10.30: Opening Session:
Speeches by Keynote Speakers - Welcome by UIC and Opening video:

Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General,UIC
Mr. Luc Lallemand, CEO INFRABEL
Mr. Josef Doppelbauer, Executive Director, European Railway Agency ERA
Mr. Philippe Citroën, Director General, UNIFE
Mr. Libor Lochman, Executive Director, CER
Mr. Alfred Veider , Thales, as sponsor Platinum of the Conference,
Ms. Kerstin Schreiber, CEO of Funkwerk AG, GSM-R IG
Ms. Jacqueline Galant, Minister of the Belgian Government (Mobility, Public Enterprises)

10.30/11.00: Official Ribbon Ceremony and Press meeting
Coffee Break on Exhibition area, posters session

11:00/12:00: SESSION 1: Long term vision on Safety, Security and Testing
Chairman: Mr. Luc Vansteenkiste, Director Asset Management INFRABEL

Topic 1- INFRABEL Mr. Yves Werner
“Including safety and testing in long-term procurement (focus on the ETCS Level 2 and interlocking contract for Belgium.)”
Topic 2- UIC, Dr. Marc Antoni
“Do railways need formal specifications and proofs for ETCS requirements?
Topic 3- UIC & GSM-R IG, Mr. Pierpaolo Di Labio (Selex)
“Security aspects and transition management when introducing IP in the railway domain”
Topic 4- DLR , Dr. Meyer zu Hörste,
“Development of Lab Tests towards zero on-site testing”
Topic 5- Thales, Dr. Hans Kraft ”
"Cyber Security in the Railway Environment"

12:00/12:30: Q&A on the topic “Long term vision on Safety, Security and Testing”

13:30/14:30: SESSION 2: Migration
Chairman: Mr. Josef Doppelbauer, ERA Executive Director

Topic 1- INFRABEL, Mr. Jo De Bosschere
“Migration of the conventional network to ETCS, the Belgian Challenge”.
Topic 2- EUG, Mr. Rob Dijkman
“EUG: The vision of the Users on migration of ERTMS”
Topic 3- Alstom, Mr. Vincent Passau
“Bringing maximum value and whole life costs benefits when migrating to ERTMS”
Topic 4- Rail Cargo Austria, Mr. Bamberger
Topic 5- VTEC, Mr. Paul Boyle /NR,Mrs. Laura Doughty
"Virgin Trains East Coast and Network Rail LNE&EM Route - Preparing for ERTMS"

14:30/15:00: Q&A on the topic “Migration”

15:30/16:30: SESSION 3: Global Opportunities and Challenges
Chairman: UNIFE Mr. Michel Van Liefferinge

Topic 1- Thales, Mrs. Gemma Salazar
“ERTMS applications in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Peninsula”
Topic 2- CARS, China Railways, Mr. ZhaoYang
“The reasons for CTCS, its current and future development”
Topic 3- ONCF ,Mr. Benqassmi Elmehdi
Topic 4- UIC/University of Wels/RCCF Brasov, Teodor Gradinariu – UIC
Burkhard Stadlmann – Wels University, Austria, Ioan Nodea – RCCF, Romania
“Satellite navigation traffic control system for low traffic line – Actual status and future deployment in Romania”

16:30/17:00: Q&A on the topic “Global Opportunities and Challenges”

17/18h: SESSION 4: Telecom
Chairman: Mr. Robert Sarfati, Systra

Topic 1- GSM-R IG, NOKIA, Mr. Michael Kloecker
“Guaranteeing GSM-R end-to-end Interoperability – now and into the Future”
Topic 2- GSM-R IG, Frequentis, Mr. Markus Myslivec
“GSM-R evolution to IP – current status and outlook towards future technology impacts on fixed and mobile equipment”
Topic 3- GSM-R IG, Kapsch CarrierCom, Mr.Olivier Eudes
“More efficient ETCS data transport with GPRS and eGPRS”
Topic 4- GSM-R IG, Sierra Wireless, Mr. Philippe Branly
“Solutions against Interferences from Public operators: Status and actions in Europe, achieved results, industry solutions”
Topic 5- Nokia, Mr. Emanuele Di Liberto
"LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4th generation radio mobile communication for Railway : Why? When? How?"

2nd March 2016, Venue: Square Meeting Center, Brussels

09:00/10:00: SESSION 5: Financing + Asset Management
Chairman: Piero Petruccioli , Senior Advisor UIC Rail System Department

Topic 1- INFRABEL, Mr. Hans Menschaert
“Asset Management within INFRABEL”
Topic 2- European Commission , Mrs. Amélia Areias
"ERTMS funding policy"
Topic 3- OXAND/UIC, Mr. Remy Jacquier et Mr. Marc Antoni
“Life cost and duration of ERTMS components: issues analysis and perspectives”
Topic 4- SBB, Mr. Ingo Wendler
“Benefits from Packet switching for ETCS”

10.00/10.30: Q&A on the topic “Financing + Asset Management”

11:00/12:00: SESSION 6: Operations
Chairman: Mr. Michel Ruesen, Director of ERTMS Users’ Group

Topic 1- AZD Praha, Mr. Vladimir Kampik:
“Effective testing of an ERTMS installation prior setting into operation – real experience learnt”
Topic 2- CAF Signalling, Mr.Manuel Villalba
"Interoperable ATO over ERTMS Level 2
Topic 3- RFI, Mr. Fabio Senesi (RFI).
“ERTMS for High Density in Urban Nodes - Principles of ERTMS L2 System with high density functionality in the main italian railway nodes”
Topic 4: Bombardier, Mr. Giancarlo Trignani
“Radio Infill, a way to improve Level 1 performance: the first worldwide trial application”
Topic 5: Ansaldo STS, Mr. Antonio Casazza
“ERTMS Level 2 applications for freight - lessons learnt"

12:00/12:30: Q&A on the topic “Operations”

13:30/14:30: SESSION 7: Evolution
Chairman: Dr. Marc Antoni, Director of UIC Rail System Department

Topic 1- Siemens, Mr. Ruediger Brandt
“ETCS Level 3: A way forward towards lower life cycle costs and high capacity”
Topic 2- CER,Mr Hosoya (MRCE)
“EU Users’ needs for ERTMS future development”
Topic 3- UIC/SNCF réseau, Mr. Jean CELLMER (SNCF Réseau) and Mr. Dan MANDOC (Network Rail)
“FRMCS project update”
Topic 4- MerMec, Mr. Francesco Inzirillo
“GNSS for ETCS/ERTMS: integration and benefits. Case Study”
Topic 5- ERA, Mr. Pio Guido
“ERTMS managed evolution – game changers and protection of investments “

14:30/15:00: Q&A on the topic “Evolution”

15:00/16:00: Conclusion of the Conference with Round table on theme:
“Will ERTMS meet challenges of long term safety requirements, in a rapidly changing world? “
Exchanges on perspectives at Global level
Mr. Jo De Bosschere, INFRABEL
Mr. Marc Antoni , UIC
Mr. Philippe Citroën, UNIFE
Mr. Josef Doppelbauer, ERA
Mr. Robert Sarfati, Systra, GSMR-IG
Mr. Pierre Messulam, SNCF